– The Leading Exporter:chemical town Company is a chemical raw materials supplier providing technical service and products to the Paint & Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Sealants, Resin Synthesis, Plastics, Fiber Reinforced Composites, Industrial & Institutional, Agriculture, Construction, Paper, Rubber, and Lubricants industries as well as other manufacturing industries.

Our partnerships with market leading principal suppliers enable us to supply high-quality ingredients including specialty resins, flow modifiers, dispersants, defoamers, adhesion promoters, biocides, catalysts, pigments, fillers, additives, chemical foaming agents, flame retardants, metallic stearates, and pigment dispersions.

We focus on our customer’s success with our:

  • Vast experience in technology and products.
  • On top of the latest trends and innovations.
  • We guide projects from idea to implementation.
  • We provide R&D support, the supply of scientific specifications and procedural advice.
  • State of the art local warehouse
  • We provide the best products for your needs